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Tilly Losch and the Mitfords and Tilly cautioned  not to marry Edward James

Through Tilly Losch’s early relationship ( professional and personal)  with Adele Astaire[i] she came to know Lord  Charles Cavendish[ii] ( Adele’s first husband, from 1932 ). This later  rolled over to  occasional contact with several of the six  famous Mitford sisters[iii]  and a much closer liaison with  their one brother, Tom, who became Tilly’s regular lover.  The contact was later continued   through  Charles’s nephew  Andrew Cavendish [iv] who married  Deborah ( Debo) Mitford [v]in 1941.   During the late 1920s  and early 1930s Tilly also  came into contact with the Mitfords   through Edward James[vi] pursuing her constantly and proposing marriage. Edward was a contemporary of Tom, and Tom a chaperone to his sisters.   Almost always these meetings were at the gatherings during  the London Season. There is evidence of Tilly  meeting with ( the novelist)   Nancy Mitford[vii] in 1929.[viii]  The two of them got on rather well.    She also met  Tom [ix],  Diana[x]  and Unity[xi] Mitford at about this same time, but her contact with Jessica[xii] and Pam[xiii] was always slight. Tilly was on show at  first nights ( she appeared in several of CB Cochran’s West End shows ) and attracted followers in London from 1928. She met anyone who was up and coming at  after show parties, at social evenings  at the Austrian Legation ( where Tilly danced for charity and British and European Royals downwards were in attendance ). Other contacts were made  in swanky  London  restaurants and at  nightclubs and the grand dining functions such as at Claridges and The Ritz hotels.   Tilly was often chatted up  here by  Nancy and  her literary coterie  [xiv] and by Tom and his young fellows, all of the latter keen to lose their virginity to a famous actress. This social contact  overflowed  into meets at country retreats like Cecil  Beaton’s Ashcombe,  Lord Berners’  Faringdon,   the Duchess of  Westminster’s country house at Eaton and  the Cavendish rural retreat of Lismore Castle in Ireland. Published albums of photographs bear this out. [xv] Concurrently with this was the rise of Tilly’s  friendship with the Society clicker  Cecil  Beaton. [xvi] He simply adored  showing Tilly off to his group of Society clingers and  chums.  Tilly was photographed “ again and again in Beaton’s ‘My Royal Past’, a spoof on Countess Larisch’s My Past.” [xvii]   Beaton was temporarily  pushed aside by Randolph Churchill[xviii] drooling over Tilly and   Nancy’s brother Tom Mitford[xix] was another hopeless follower  among her impish, juvenile  loves.  [xx]  Beaton hit back at both  these young upstarts, he and Tilly were solid friends, and they were  often seen  together; both dressed provocatively at parties  to shock and clearly offered themselves to men and to women.  On one occasion even  the flamboyant homosexual Stephen Tennant[xxi] swooned over Tilly “ dressed boyishly in a carmine sweater”.[xxii] Always in the horns of a dilemma over her latest  affair Tilly  carried through her flings with Randolph Churchill and Tom Mitford ( and others)  largely to irritate the over- eager Edward James, whose proposals of marriage were offered  almost week in and week out during 1930. The snub on James in favour of several  men ( whom she slept with and she often revealed the details to James )  was Tilly as her most bitchy, but she knew James was putty in her hands, and she could hold out for a marriage on crude financial and sexual terms.  Despite  Tilly being cautioned not to marry James the pair eventually married in New York in 1931.The Mitford family were terrified that Tilly was going to marry  Tom, who was always tucked up in Tilly’s bed, even after marrying James.  According to Charlotte Mosley[xxiii] “ Tom [ Mitford] did not want to marry Tilly but thought, (rightly) that she would be unhappy with Edward James.”[xxiv]  In a letter from Nancy to her sister Diane[xxv] on 6 November 1933 she records “he  [ Tom] gave me his solemn word that never –even if Edward died and she were free tomorrow – would he marry Tilly.”[xxvi]  Once married to Tilly, another lover,  Prince Serge Obolensky [xxvii] was found as a scapegoat in the James’ divorce petition  and  out of  a promise made  Tom Mitford  avoided being cited as a party in this acrimonious divorce suit because of Diana’s [ Diana Mitford first Mrs Guinness later Lady Mosley]  friendship with Edward James, [ which was a particularly  close one ].   [Nonetheless]…  both.. [ Tom]  and Nancy were.. called as witnesses…” [xxviii]  in the seedy divorce proceedings of 1934,  to speak for Tilly’s side.  In the end Tilly lost her game of chance, but Edward James was branded too, and Tilly scorched by an award of damages against her for £10,000. Randolph Churchill came to Tilly’s aid immediately, Tom Mitford kept his head down and moved on to new partners of both sexes.  Nancy Mitford’s Letters[xxix] provide some further insight into Tom Mitford’s personality  traits  (which often seem contradictory ).  The early volumes of diaries by James Lees-Milne[xxx] contain a smattering of   references to Tom ( with whom Lees- Milne was  smitten from his Eton schooldays  onwards). Some years after Tom’s death ( as a war casualty  in Burma in 1945)  one of Tom’s war time loves, Barbara Moray[xxxi],  speaks of    “ his attitude to women, whom at bottom he despised.”  [xxxii] Tilly taught Tom a thing or two. It remains a tantalizing question of what if ( or what might have been ) had Tilly Losch actually married Tom Mitford.  But that said,  neither of them was ever actually  in love with the other. 

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[iii] Described wonderfully  as “… the most scandalous bunch of sisters of the 20th century. Diana the Fascist, Jessica the Communist, Unity the Hitler-lover, Nancy the Novelist, Deborah the Duchess and Pamela the unobtrusive poultry connoisseur.

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More details about the relationship between Tilly Losch and Tom Mitford can be found in the book            " Catherine and Tilly : Porchey Carnarvon's Two Duped Wives" By William Cross, FSA Scot, Contract Will by e-mail for further details.  


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